[CNC] Werkstattstaubsauger Dyson

Armin Faltl armin.faltl at aon.at
Thu Jul 17 13:11:14 CEST 2014

On 2014-07-17 10:17, Joe Nassimian wrote:
> Now that being said, we do need a better cleaning equipment at the 
> metalab, and this thread kind of turned into a motivator to build one.
I too, do not endorse the abuse of equipment.
A vacuum cleaner with the outlined features is however desirable in it 
self (but see below).
> Armin, just let me know when you'll be working on it at the lab, and 
> I'll show up with one of the turbines, apart from that, I'm not sure 
> how else I can help.
At the moment, I'm pretty busy, so I can just supervise a construction
and contribute literature like the paper about cyclones. Throwing
together a (simple) model on my CAD system may be possible,
but I don't like to promise it (soon).

So my approach is, to start with the frame and the gas washer.
If we don't get the washer right, the entire project is doomed.
The cyclone is there, just to prevent coarse material that might block
them, to enter the nozzles of the washer. (A sieve would serve that
purpose too, so it does a bit more ;-)


Well, after reading the 2nd test report, my enthusiasm for a water filter/
gas washer is more or less gone. Before we put any effort into that
project, several points have to be clarified...

Regards, Armin

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