[CNC] Werkstattstaubsauger Dyson

Armin Faltl armin.faltl at aon.at
Tue Jul 15 02:50:47 CEST 2014

On 2014-07-14 21:11, Joe Nassimian wrote:
> I'm all for, but you make it sound like it's easy as pie. Proper 
> cyclone modelling requires a few factors to be taken into account 
> doesn't it? Like the suction pressure, size of the air inlet and 
> outlet, and a few other parameters.
I've seen and semi-read dissertations about the subject and yes, there's 
a lot to it.
But I've searched long enough, to find formulas, that allow dimensioning 
with a pocket
calculator - I've done it before, actually for a vacuum cleaner to empty 
cans of wood ash.
This works very well and can be scaled down a bit, if required.
> However I have never heard of orcy, neither seems google. Is it 
> similar to the technology of those industrial cyclonic separators used 
> to clean gas using a fluid that's injected into the cyclone?
maybe it's spelled Orky / no, it's the other way round: a jet of bubbles 
(that simply form) is injected into
a bath of water (potentially with some tensides) by submerging a nozzle. 
The jet then forms a system of
vortices in the bath, that make the bubble-trails longer and finer, so 
the contact area is maximized
> Anyways, I have two 1000W vacuum turbines that were pulled out of an 
> industrial vacuum (a numatic I believe). I got them for a dust 
> collection project I have in mind, don't know if a portable dust 
> collector/vacuum can be designed to make use of them.
Sounds Good
> If it does, it would mean more shelf space for me, a fun project to 
> collaborate on, and a proper cleaning equipment for the lab ... 
> However to reduce the noise, maybe as suggested earlier by Armin, a 
> centrifugal fan would make meeting the requirements easier.
For a quick start of the project, one of the turbines should be fine.
Once we know, the gas washer and the cyclone work, we can still
optimize, by making it comfortable.


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