[Ethereum] First summit and future workgroups

Alexander Hirner a.hirner at gmail.com
Sat Apr 12 15:02:21 CEST 2014

MEETUP forum post

Guys, it was a blast and we've covered a lot of ground. For the next meetup(s) there were ideas to devote them to certain topics. I agree with that.

What I've observed from our discussions, so far these are:
-) Application Development: Finance (decentralized exchange, disrupt banking)
-) Application Development: Greencoin (Ed)
-) Investment consideration
-) Crypto and Programming fundamentals: Blockchain performance, considerations, interoperability

I personally would love that Harald and other well versed programmers teach us on the blockchain fundamentals, fallacies and bleeding edge developments. Vitalik's 10 "hard problems in cryptocurrency" bounties can be a good guideline for that.

The introductory lesson we've had before the Skype meeting with Mihai including annotations is now up. Special thx to Andi for rigging us with audio and video!


Also the slides, including the one's we didn't make it to. The last contains the sources, so check them out. Also the ethereum forums. For video tutorials you can look into EtherCasts which are very well done.

On a sidenote, did anyone pick up the Bitcoin Magazine about Ethereum? It's Harald's and he wants it back! :)

For the next meetups, post additional topics or claim a project on what you want to work on and team up with other people. Ed's Greencoin project will be one of them. After that, we'll bundle the topics into agenda(s) and doodle for a date.

PS: Spread the word. We are on the cutting edge of a new category in tech, which means a lot of different talents can find a way into.

Greets, Alex

+ Mihai wanted confidentiality for the Skype session for now. Anyone mail me and I’ll send it over. TL;DR was:

1:18 Funding timeline
2:55 Projects in the pipeline
4:20 Holon concept and collaborations
7:50 Team
8:24 Holon continued
21:00 Sidechains + merged mining
22:40 more on interfaces to a blockchain + Terminology for an Ethereum identity
24:30 Funding, cap decision
28:55 Legal, civil, political conditions in Switzerland
32:30 the ether bottle
33:10 Open Transactions
34:15 Coexistence with Bitcoin
37:00 Cross-transactions / communication, majority attacks
43:43 Proof of application / execution
44:24 Spin off protocol enhancements & out-of-the-box approaches
50:40 Corporate whale's implications and industry adoption
55:07 Migration to new main releases
56:55 check the forums, phonebloks intermezzo
01:01:05 TPS

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