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Joe Nassimian joe.nassimian at gmail.com
Mon May 5 03:17:02 CEST 2014

As of tonight, my bandsaw lives at the metalab, under the CNC mill, next to
table saw.

The thing runs, but defintely needs some maintenance and adjustment before
can use it. I also haven't checked the state of the blade, but that can be
easily sharpened with a dremel rotary tool.

I tried tracking down the company (Bergin) that sold it in this region but
found nothing.

However I was able to find the company (`J&T Machinery Co`_) that at least
makes them (model `BS-614`_) and exports them from taiwan.

I also found several companies that sold them in the UK:

- Warco sold the bandsaw as warco 314 bandsaw
- Nu Tool 0134A bandsaw
- Clarke International imports and sells them as the `Clarke CBS355

And according to some forums, and the Clarke manuals, Clarke seems to also
sell spare parts which are documented in their manual.

After checking the manual some accessories are missing that should not
hinder us from using the bandsaw, as a saw.

Apart from the saw band, this bandsaw can be used as a sander, using the
sanding disk on one of the wheels and/or the saw can be replaced with a
sanding belt, but I'm missing the sanding belt table attachment, and the
disk sander table attachment.

I am also missing the mitre table guide (I only have the rip fence).

That's my overview of the current state. My next goal would be adjusting
the saw (I just found the manual and it's documented), and try a cut with

I also contacted the company in taiwan to ask about the parts, and see if I
can't find a parts source closer then the UK.


.. _J&T Machinery Co: http://www.jtmachinery.com/index.php
.. _BS-614:
.. _Clarke CBS355 bandsaw:
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