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Fabio Liberante fabio.liberante at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 15:21:58 CET 2016

Hi Philipp,

That would be cool! I shall see you at 8. The Witbox is in the same room as
the RepRap, right?



On 2 Dec 2016 15:10, "Philipp Hufnagl" <metalab-lists at badpractice.at> wrote:


I can introduce you to the Witbox. How about 8pm?



On 12/02/2016 01:39 PM, Fabio Liberante wrote:

Hi everyone,

I'm interested in trying out some 3D printing for the first time. I have
some basic models put together in tinkercad. I know it's maybe not a great
tool, but it's very quick to start with. I've also managed to get Slic3r to
generate a RepRap print path.
I just wondered if someone would be around to chat about the printer in
Metalab and the whole process in general some time. Perhaps even this

Thanks in advance!


On 24 November 2016 at 00:08, Metalab Core Team (Michael Happl) <
michael.happl at gmx.at> wrote:
> Hello Fabio,
> We have a mailing list especially for 3d printing, I would recommend
> subscribing and posting your request there: 3d-printing at lists.metalab.at
> The chances of finding someone who can help you are probably the best
> You can also try our public mailing list: metalab at lists.metalab.at
> Also your mail seems a bit vague to me, so a few things you might consider
> before asking on the 3d printing list:
> * Do you already have 3D models of the things you want to build?
> * If not, do you need advice on designing for 3D printing or which
> to use?
> * size of the parts you want to make: parts smaller than a few millimeters
> might not be printable, really big pieces must be printed in parts to fit
> into our machine
> * materials: what environment will the parts be used in? Our machine uses
> PLA, a biodegradable plastic
> I hope that information is useful to you!
> Cheers,
> Michael
> --
> Verein Metalab
> Rathausstraße 6
> A-1010 Wien
> core at metalab.at
> Am 23.11.2016 um 16:26 schrieb Fabio Liberante:
>> Dear Metalab,
>> I'm a research scientist at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Cancer
>> Research. I am interested in building some small tools and devices for
>> our laboratory work. I visited Metalab before, during the summer, and
>> got a tour of the labs. I was told I should definitely ask around for
>> help. I think the 3D printer might be ideal for what I want to build.
>> Would you have any advice? I appreciate any information or redirection
>> you can provide.
>> Kind regards,
>> Fabio Liberante

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